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Everybody knows how strict the modern construction laws are. Buildings have to comply with stringent rules and regulations. Any failure in doing so would invite prosecution from the authorities. The same can be said about the security of the premises as suitable locks should be installed at the exit gates for facilitating the movement of the people in times of crisis. You might be thinking why are so many rules framed for commercial buildings? Are they more risky than single homes? Well, the answer is yes because businesses house a lot of valuable assets and people who work day and night. With so many footfalls, a single instance of a fire outbreak could put many lives at risk unless proper exit systems are in place and to do that only the best commercial locksmith services can help you.

Searching for competent professionals through the internet may definitely help reduce the time but you can still decrease it further by choosing Princeton Heights Locksmith Store. We have the rare distinction of installing serving the customers, day in and day out, with unmatched accuracy and finesse. What’s more, our team has earned numerous accolades for providing premium commercial locksmith services in the area.

Our Service Offerings:

We provide complete security coverage to offices and warehouses. In fact, our experts would meet the entrepreneurs, analyze the premises and upgrade the existing lock-based infrastructure. If you want to replace the conventional systems with high-end electronic versions, we are already game for it. Princeton Heights Locksmith Store ensures that whatever the task, it is accomplished with 100% professionalism, since the protection of a commercial premises is at stake. What’s more, we also provide value addition to existing commercial locksmith services by conducting a comprehensive security audit of the premises and maintaining the locks on a regular basis. Some of the functions are as follows:

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  • Creating a master key system
  • Installing push bars
  • Resolving a lockout during emergency
  • Repairing of the file cabinet locks
  • Round the clock locksmith service
  • Key replacements
  • New lock installations

Affordable services

In spite of offering a range of troubleshooting solutions under one roof, our commercial locksmith services, do not cost the moon. For premium assistance, there are no hidden charges and that is why we are more popular than any other vendor in the area. Count on us to deliver the best commercial locksmith services that are second to none in terms of quality and the pricing.