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Even the most protected home can experience sudden lockouts either due to the callousness of the owners or simple misfortune. What would happen if you lost the keys necessary to open the door lock? There is no way to enter inside, unless you contact suitable experts as they would not only help open the door, but also make a copy key , so that a spare is always available in case of an emergency.

Forget assigning the copy key work to an amateur. Suppose you called a novice to clone the key only to find that the grooves are not created properly and the problem is never solved even after calling the individual so many times. In such cases, you may not only spend the money but also get a substandard level of job in return. In fact, the metal used to make the product might not be of high quality that may not bear persistent usage.

Modern locks have undergone tremendous transformation as technology is being used predominantly in their manufacturing. If you are in the area, the only port of call is Princeton Heights Locksmith Store as it has an array of specialists tocopy keys using state of the art tools. Every dimensional element of the component is measured by our experts to reduce any chances of error whatsoever. We have been doing this task for the past 10 years with impeccable accuracy, that is seldom matched by any other vendor in the region.

Our expertise includes:

We can copy an entire range of keys to prevent unfortunate lockout situations whether it occurs at your home, office or with your car. Some of the locks for which we provide our copy key service include:

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  • Mailbox locks
  • File cabinet locks
  • Programmable locks
  • Central locks of sedans and SUVs
  • Mortise locks

And more

Why call us?

Contacting any other vendor in the area may not deliver the desired results to the customers. Princeton Heights Locksmith Store is an exception because it has a ready assembly line of experts capable to solve the problems right on the go. We copy keys with extreme perfection, so that the customers do not have to worry about the security of their premises. So, do not fret and call us immediately at 937-403-0080